Boiler & Central Heating System Repair

boiler-servicesWhen your boiler breaks down or there is a problem with your heating system call GE4L technical support service now. If possible, we’ll diagnose the problem over the phone and give you advice on how to fix the boiler yourself. If a home visit is required we’ll arrange an experienced Gas Safe engineer to come and get your system working again as quickly as possible.

Our call out charge for boiler breakdown and repair starts from £50 and reimbursed after the completion of the job. We don’t charge by the hour but fair price every job so that you know the full price before we begin.

Following are the common faults you might experience on your Boiler and heating system:

  • Gas leak from boiler or pipework
  • Boiler leaking water or making loud noises
  • Boiler lockout or flashing red light
  • Fault code on boiler display
  • Flame not coming on
  • Boiler keeps cutting off or not hot enough
  • Pressure dropping on boiler
  • Cold radiators
  • Noisy pipes or radiators
  • Hot water not hot enough
  • Air in the system
  • Radiator valves not working
  • Heating pipe leaks or faulty pump
  • Radiators falling off the wall

If you have any problems with your boiler or central heating system
the call us on –
0793 997 7600.

Remember: If you smell gas call 0800111999 and turn off your mains gas supply