kamcoA build-up of corrosion in your system can create a sludge that really affects the efficiency of your boiler. This one-off deep clean makes sure your radiators heat up properly and there are no more cold spots.

This helps to increase the life of the whole system, keeps heating bills down and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

Problems resolved by Powerflush:

  • Cold spots in radiators
  • Radiator cold at the bottom
  • Radiator cold at the top
  • Blocked pipes and valves due to sludge or lime scale
  • Banging noises from boiler
  • Noisy pipes due to restrictions
  • Boiler cutting out due to damaged or blocked pump
  • fluctuating hot water temperature

With over a decades in the industry, we have the versatility to combat any central heating issue, not matter how large or small, and we have the ability to offer highly competitive rates on all of our quality services.

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